Hey! I’m London-based Illustrator & Designer Dai Carroll, aka PLANKTN.

I make attention-grabbing, character-based pieces which stand out from the crowd.

I enjoy balancing a few unique Illustrative styles, all of which are unified by the distinctive use of fluid lines, bold colours and striking simplicity.

I’m pretty new to all this, but I’ve been lucky enough to draw for some lovely people.

I’ve previously worked with: VICE, Google, Tabasco, Virgin Media, Vita Coco, Colgate, Nintendo, LEGO, Mundial Magazine, Shellsuit Zombie, SONY Playstation.

Other things I like: Dogs on Trains, making pizza, Dogs with pizza, climbing hills, Dogs on buses, Whiskey, Cartoons, hoarding books, Dogs in shops.

I’m always on the look out for nice new people to work with and fun projects to work on, so why not drop me a message!


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